Queen of Kalahari

Chopard's Queen of the Kalahari diamond

A 342 carat diamond cut in 5 stones


To celebrate the release of the 342 carat Queen of Kalahari diamond, Angie Crabtree was commissioned by Chopard to create 5 diamond portraits depicting the five main stones cut:

  • a 50 carat brilliant diamond
  • a 26 carat heart diamond
  • a 25 carat pear diamond
  • a 21 carat emerald diamond
  • a 20 carat cushion diamond

The paintings ranged from 24 to 48 inches to reflect the size ratios of the real gems. The paintings accompanied the Kalahari diamonds at private events worldwide and were displayed in a window installation at Chopard’s New York boutique on Madison Avenue in late 2017.  Angie Crabtree painted the diamonds live at various Chopard VIP events.

Angie Crabtree and the five paintings commissioned by Chopard: Caroline, Desiree, Shirley, Rihanna and Charlize.

Chopard's 342 carat Queen of the Kalahari Diamond and the 5 stones that were cut from the diamond.

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