Lit: Diamonds, Opals & Light

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Roseark presents:

Lit: Opals, Diamonds and Light

New Paintings by Angie Crabtree

November 30, 2018 - January 31, 2019

Opening Reception: December 6th, 12 - 4pm

The darling of luxury retail jewelry will collaborate with Angie Crabtree to present the artist’s iconic photo-realistic paintings of precious gemstones

Angie Crabtree and Roseark are pleased to announce the opening of Lit: Opals, Diamonds and Light an exhibition of never-before-seen work from Crabtree whose meticulous paintings of precious gemstones will be on view at the luxury jewelry boutique from November 30, 2018 through January 31, 2019. This will be the first time ever that Angie Crabtree will exhibit paintings of opals, which were completed just this fall. The opening reception of Lit: Opals, Diamonds and Light will be on December 6, 2018 from 12-4 pm and the artist will be in attendance. Angie Crabtree is a contemporary painter whose current body of work uses precious gemstones as a means to unpack the psychology and allure of luxury culture. Diamonds and gemstones come from nature and are then recut by human hands—this collaboration between human and nature yields what society collectively agrees on as some of our most valuable objects. For her show at Roseark, Crabtree is examining the light and luster of opals. Opals—a much softer stone currently experiencing a resurgence in the contemporary imagination for its gorgeous color that seems to glow from within— are a visual counterpoint to the hard angles and light refraction that diamonds provide.

Inspired by the great masters, particularly the dynamic opulence and light from the Baroque period, Crabtree’s work offers a rigorous study of light and optics and how these formal characteristics of painting are intertwined with our perception of excess, wealth and luxury. The artist approaches the subject matter as portraiture for modern day relics or artifacts that serve to extend the object’s legacy while also reflecting the cultural anthropology of our time. Recently the artist was commissioned by Chopard to create a series of paintings that travel with their Kalahari diamonds, documenting the stones that have been photographed while being worn by figures like Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Lady Gaga. Pairing Crabtree with Roseark, the West Hollywood mecca long followed by major fashion publications and celebrities, further reflects the artist’s broad reach that includes both criticallyminded and contemporary audiences.

Angie Crabtree