Reflect & Refract


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Reflect and Refract

New Paintings by Angie Crabtree

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Angie Crabtree presents a new Los Angeles pop-up exhibition of gemstone paintings and along with weekend jewelry pop ups in the month of July

July 4 - July 28, 2019

Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 7 pm

7451 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90046

With luxury independent designer pop ups each weekend including:

JS Noor 

Gem Steady

Zoe Chicco

Erica Courtney

Los Angeles, Calif.--Angie Crabtree is pleased to announce her solo exhibition and pop up shop, Reflect and Refract  taking place over the course of the month of July beginning on July 4, 2019 and running through July 28, 2019. Crabtree, known for her photo-realistic paintings of diamonds and gemstones will be presenting her largest paining to-date, a rendering of the famously rare and recently discovered  pink Argyle Alpha diamond. In contrast to this large-scale work, the will also be presenting a suite of small shaped paintings of a colorful array of gemstones including opals, emeralds and rubies. Each weekend the Melrose-pop up and gallery exhibition will also be home to a corresponding jewelry pop-up with independent jewelry designers Crabtree collaborates with including JS Noor, Gem Steady, Zoe Chicco and Erica Courtney. Reflect and Refract opens on July 4 from 11 am - 7 pm and opening date attendees will have the opportunity to purchase limited edition prints and phone cases. 

Angie Crabtree is a contemporary painter whose current body of work uses precious gemstones as a means to unpack the psychology and allure of luxury culture. Diamonds and gemstones come from nature and are then recut by human hands—this collaboration between human and nature yields what society collectively agrees on as some of our most valuable objects. Crabtree explores the phenomenon of this cultural agreement through observational painting that seeks to reproduce the inexplicable magic of precious stones. Reflect and Refract includes Crabtree’s largest ever painting, an interpretation of the recently discovered Alpha Argyle diamond. Unearthed deep from  Australian soil by the multinational Rio Tinto mining company, this diamond will be one of the last and the largest to surface the mine, known for pink and purple diamonds, has recently depleted its diamond supply and is set to close in 2021.  The painting is both a tribute to the beauty of the natural world and an acknowledgement of humanity’s fascination with rare rocks. 

Reflect and Refract also includes a suite of 15 small shaped paintings of various gemstones that are representative of Crabtree’s painting practice in the past two years. Moving away from an almost exclusive focus on diamonds, Crabtree recently started painting more colorful gems including unique opals from all over the world. These small works, approximately 10 inches in width and height make owning a gemstone painting a little bit more accessible to a broad audiences. 

In addition to the artwork, Reflect and Refract will offer a unique retail experience. Selfie and voyeurism opportunities will be embraced with areas of the exhibition space designated for fun shopper images and unabashed expression for all things shiny and sparkly.  Each weekend, shoppers can compare and contrast gemstone paintings with the actual thing--pop-up shops with independent jewelry designers will rotate every weekend. Designers include longtime friends and artist collaborators of Angie’s including JS Noor, Gem Steady, Zoe Chicco and 

About the artist

Angie Crabtree is a Bay Area-based artist that examines luxury, materialism and humanity’s relationship with commodification of nature through photorealistic paintings of gemstones. The artist received her BFA from the San Francisco Institute and studied abroad at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, one the largest diamond centres in the world. Following, she spent seven years as a high school art teacher in Northern California. In 2016, Angie's painted diamonds were discovered and coveted by the luxury jewelry industry. Her formal art education and nuanced cultural perspective creates a multifaceted art practice advancing contemporary gemstone paintings as vessels for critical engagement. Her work has been commissioned by several high profile brands including Chopard and Forevermark, as well as private collectors and institutions to create portraiture and documentation of historically significant and famed gemstones. The artist’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle and Glamour among others.