Each jewel in our Pairings collection is paired with an original art piece, hand painted and signed by Angie Crabtree, adding a harmonious layer to these one-of-a-kind jewels.

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Walk through the gallery hall with Angie and
discover yourself in every shape.

Our signature collection Gallerist is inspired by paintings in an assortment of diamond shapes that Angie has created and exhibited along her journey.

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Shaping fine art into exquisite jewelry.

Achieve your dreams with the finest gems, these Archivist collection pieces, like Angie's impeccable oil paintings, evolve into museum-grade heirlooms.

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You are your own solo show — a masterpiece in the center of spotlight.
Curate yourself to create your presence with stackable jewels in our Curator collection.

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Celebrate the beauty of soulmates coming together, through the eyes of an inspired artist.

To make your moment extra special,
add a diamond portrait, hand painted by Angie Crabtree.

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