Survival of the Fittest


In 2009, my drawings became a personal exploration of survival, fetal health, and the intricate relationship between the human body and its surroundings. Influenced by my own struggles with autoimmune conditions, I depicted real-life conjoined twins entangled amidst carnivorous plants in graphite and gold leaf on paper. These twins symbolized the bonds and vulnerabilities of the human experience, while the plants represented the challenges we face in life.

Through these drawings, I found solace and purpose, using them as a creative outlet to navigate my difficult times. Expressing my thoughts and emotions visually allowed me to confront and process the complexities of my health issues, shedding light on broader themes of human existence. I aimed to evoke empathy, drawing attention to the delicate balance between life and its challenges, the resilience of the human spirit, and the potential for growth in adversity. Through their creation, I found strength to transcend the limitations imposed by my physical conditions.